Just let me start by saying that this is not a review of a camera, at least not a traditional one! There are plenty of reviews online out there, plenty of websites analysing MTF charts and thorough testing of the sensors performance and how much chromatic aberration it may produce and so on. This post is dedicated to the creative side (just as is all my photography) of an awesome little camera. I acquired this little gem of a camera because of the need to have something small, pocketable yet powerful in features, truly this is a camera which offers everything to the professional photographer.

The Fujifilm x100 is a retro looking yet modern performing mirrorless crop sensor camera designed to offer minimal compromise in the new arena of small but feature packed compact cameras. I took myself and camera on a few trips, photographing places and people as I saw them, nothing set-up or planned, just as a bit of fun for those moments when something grabbed my attention. So here is my little mini project; ‘100 Hours’




Jo-Anne Elizabeth Bilham

love all of these! how are you finding the X100? it’s a little beauty! Would love one! x

Awesome stuff!

Janice Irene Bradshaw

wow chris you certainly have an eye for the camera keep up the good work xx.

It’s an amazing little thing, genuinely surprised how well it performs in almost all situations. I recommend it highly!