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Just a quick post here to share my excitement over a recent camera purchase. I’ve been after it for quite some time and i’ve been eager to get back into film photography for some years since studying it at college. I can still smell the developer and the days spent in almost total darkness developing and printing film images, some of the best memories of my life. For those of a photographic (or nerdy!) persuasion, here are the reasons why I’ve been so eager to get a hold of one:

The G-III 17 has many features which current production cameras in its price range don’t have: a sharp fast 40/1.7 lens, user selectable rangefinder focusing, and flash sync at all speeds. It is one of the nicest of the ’70s compact Rangefinder genre.

The G-III belongs in the elite small group of compact 35 Rangefinders with faster than f/2 lenses, combined with automatic exposure with manual over-ride.  It competes with the Leica CL, at far less cost. In size the G-III 17 is comparable to the Leica CL, but of course without interchangeable lenses. Its specifications are pretty nifty for its genre.  So nifty in fact, the G-III  became a best seller  with over 1.2 MILLION SOLD from 1972 to 1982 per the Canon web site. This probably makes the G-III the best selling 35mm  rangefinder with built in meter OF ALL TIME.

Now i just need to spend time (and money) restoring this back to full operation, which will be a fun experience I’m sure! Without further a do here are few images of this legendary (and still relatively expensive to get a hold of) rangefinder 35mm film camera:

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