Kelly & Luke at St. Georges Hall Liverpool Wedding Photoshoot

After the recent awesomeness with Kelly and her dress (fall for you americans!) we decided to take advantage of the sights close by. So together with Luke we had ourselves an awesome day of photographing the two of them atop of the incredible stone structure of St. Georges Hall in the heart of Liverpool. Not even the torrential rain or arctic cold could hamper us creating some awesome images, we even had a large crowd of people shouting their congratulations, these two felt quite the celebrities! These two looked awesome as did the location. So, without further ado here are the results:

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  • Kelly

    Phenomenal images Chris!

  • Luke

    I’m made up with these, amazing!

  • Sarah

    These are brilliant ! Very original

  • Ashley Stephens

    Wow! Lost for words

  • Anonymous

    Brilliant work as usual Chris!

  • Jon

    Stunning work. These are fabulous images.

  • Gemma Peacock

    Absolutely LOVE these 🙂

  • Rachel Gibbons

    Oh my word, truely blown away! They look so happy!

  • James

    These pictures are great mate!

  • Sophie

    Awww! These are lovely! Great pictures Chris, as always!

  • Chris Angus Griffiths

    Love them, the processing is amazing!

  • Laurax Lozx

    Beautiful shots Chris!

  • Brian Roberts

    Simple but very effective. Works really well.

  • Angela Lennon

    Amazing! 🙂 I love the style of photography 🙂

  • Gemma Peacock

    LOVE these pictures Chris! Fabulous!

  • Kelly Owens

    Fab! Had so much fun doing this !! Great edits

  • Chris Angus Griffiths

    Amazing work yet again!

  • Louise Riozzi

    Amazing pictures again, Love them 🙂

  • Kelly Denise

    Love these! St Georges is an amazing location!

  • wedding photography in liverpool

    Beautiful photography, location is just awesome and both are looking great together. Loved the last shoot.

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