A Study in Black & White

For quite some time now I’ve wanted to produce a project that focused on scapes. Now I don’t claim to be landscape photographer, not by any means and nor do I have specialist equipment for that purpose (such as a super wide lens). I just found that over the years I took some interesting images of clouds, skies and architecture on my travels. Instead of the typical colour/chromatic approach that seems an obvious choice, I chose to focus on the purest elements of photography, looking at composition and form. So making this a black a white study gave it an edge and a quality different from the more obvious chromatic approach.

This has forced a series of restrictions on how I approached each of these scenes and enchanted the element of ‘problem solving’. That’s how I see photography sometimes; a situation or scenario that may present various problems or obsticles that must be overcome to achieve great images. These images are from all over and taken with a variety of different cameras, full frame/crop sensor cameras, point and shoot, 35mm film and even an a few with an infrared camera! There is a semblance of order to the images, beginning primarily with cloud scapes and nature, moving to the ocean/beach and ending ultimately with architecture. Enjoy the collection:

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  • Sara Hazeldine

    Some great stuff here, I like the beach scenes especially. A very interesting project. A friend of mine, Matt Hart, is doing a whole year of b&w for 2013, you might want to look him up. 🙂

  • Kelly @ Boho Weddings

    Nice work x

  • Laura {Babb Photo}

    Beautiful work, Christopher.

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