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Hello I am Christopher Ian and I am a fine art wedding photographer from the UK that uses a natural, alternative approach to tell your wedding story. Your wedding images are so important, they are more than just a visual record they are your Visual Legacy’. These images will be passed down and shared with your family for generations to come, there is no greater honour for me to be involved in making these images your own legacy. I love to explore and traverse an environment finding dramatic backdrops of mountains, forests, feilds and fells to create fine art images that are evocative and full of soul. I’m also not the kind of photographer that interferes, your wedding is about you and how you want things to be.

My aim is to document and capture your day in a creative and artful way as it unfolds naturally – not just the key events, but all the moments in between. I create intimate and truthful images, and thus do use or work to shot lists or use all my time trying to photograph every single guest. I don’t want you to worry about the photography, I want you to enjoy your wedding or elopement, I want you to remember the love, laughs and thrills. Your photographs will be the legacy that I hand to you as a permanent reminder of the joy of your union.

My photography style is suitable for any kind of weddings in any environment, but for those of you that crave something a little more adventurous, that want natural creative images, that love the rugged wilderness, forest weddings, tipis, mountain and festival weddings and everything in-between, I am just right for you. I am based in the UK and work throughout the country, but it is in my nature to travel so no matter where you are planning your wedding or elopement I would love to explore with you.

I provide wedding & elopement coverage across the whole UK, Europe & world

“Art flourishes where there is a sense of adventure.” ~ Alfred North Whitehead

I often find myself lost in the music of Sigur Rós or perhaps M83 (‘outro’ is pretty much the greatest song ever) or lost in some orchestral overture or soundtrack, these kinds of music fills me with a creative ‘spark’ and inspiration in harmony with the environment. Especially when listening to amazing works like these I love to shoot 35mm and medium format film, there is something so evocative in using such a medium, even in this modern  age. I am also recently vegan and I am very much into film of any kind genre and cinematography in general.

If there is one thing the you should really know about me (and you’ve made it this far) it’s this: I love what I do. Photography to me is not just a job, it is everything about who I am. It is my passion, it is my joy, it is my life and to me every wedding is an adventure, I would love to join you on yours.



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