Well,what a wedding this was. Stunning, and I mean stunning was the word i used when driving to this venue in the heart of Camarthenshire, Plas Glansevin. You may recall the awesomeness of my adventures in London on Elisa and Shane’s engagement photoshoot on one of the hottest days of the year. Their wedding however, this really wasnt the case, we had lots and lots of rain!

This did not dampen the spirits of these two, instead what we got was a totally unparallelled day of wedding awesomeness. Check back soon when i will feature their full day which included Shane leading a Haka war dance…. seriously terrifying and amazing at the same time!




Wow – stunning portraits of a equally stunning couple…my niece Elisa Kennedy and Shane Harrison’s wedding.

She had three different pairs to choose from, each as epic but these were the most awesome!

What a great preview, you’ve gotta love those shoes!

🙂 these are fabulous Chris xxx