Time to show you all the full post of Ben & Rachel’s country farm wedding in gorgeous setting of Ceredigion South Wales. For those that have not yet seen them here is their brilliant engagement shoot recently as well as their wedding preview. The setting of Talybont in South Wales was more than a little special, I always enjoy traveling as a destination wedding photographer and though this wasn’t that kind of wedding, it truly had all the elements of such. These two really loved my way of focusing on the natural way I approach wedding photography as well as the fine art approach as well, we were a perfect fit and I could not wait to document their day.


South Wales Farm Wedding Photographer

The drive down in sunshine and picturesque views to their location of Moelgolomen Farm just a perfect location to feature a wedding! Upon my arrival to my surprise I was greeted by the farms family of dogs and escorted (or rather barked) to the barns for parking, amazing! Rachel had her bridal preparations at the Farm house, one that has been kept in the family for many generations. Then a short tractor ride took the bridal party to the field with awaiting tipi and hand-fasting ceremony. I loved every moment of being here, in glorious sunshine, unbelievable views and truly wonderful, happy people.



Beautifully shot, just a super wedding. You can feel the joy!

Lovely work Chris and what an amazing wedding! Nailed those landscapes and some lovely natural moments captured along with some great textures!

Photos look fantastic!

Wow amazing photos Chris…loved reliving the day through them 🙂 xxx

I’m speachless, really brings back the feelings of the day, so completely represented. Thanks Chris for your work of art.

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Wonderfully captured, so natural 🙂

Gorgeous pics guys, just like the two of you. Such a beautiful weekend. xx

Gorgeous pics, and thank you for the lovely one of our baby girl! It was a great event, such a happy day.

Amazing photos Chris, well done x

Great work, xxx.

I agree with Jan!! Gorgeous images, and a gorgeous bride and groom xxx

Lovely lovely work dude! Excellent use of negative space as always. 🙂

Gorgeous. Some lovely stuff in there dude. x

Janice Irene Bradshaw

oooooo love these- perfect day- perfect location and fantastic pictures to give the bride and groom long happy memories and many stories to be told from each picture well done chris xx.

Beautiful pictures Chris. As always x.