They are so fabulous, thank you thank you thank you!!

I love Cragwood Manor for a small and intimate wedding, its such a wonderful place! You may recall the intimate wedding I did with Steveie and David some weeks ago, what a wonderful day that was! Returning to Cragwood Manor is always pleasure as its one of my top wedding venues in the Lake District. Debbie and Graham did the proper elopement and did so without telling their family along with their lovely son Joseph, they then told their friends and family using one of my photographs to break the good news!


Cragwood Manor Small Wedding

During these very trying times It may seem impossible to have the wedding you want, and this may be true. However there are some amazing ways you can still have your perfect wedding day during the Covid 19 pandemic. Cragwood Manor is a perfect choice for this during these crazy times because it has stunning grounds and plenty of places for you to wander away from people to keep safe whilst being with your loved ones.