Charlotte and Laurie had their summer solstice style wedding in the open air an incredible natural festival wedding in the heart the Wales countryside in Maesnewydd, Meifod in Powys. They are both very artistic and because of that their wedding was just that, the most amazing, artistic and wonderful event! Starting with Charlotte at her Mums house in Shropshire, an awesome place full of art, books and all manor of awesome things.


Wedding Photographer in Powys

Charlotte herself is an ex-burlesque dancer and Laurie is an amazing actor, you can imagine the emotion and amazing sights of what they had planned. Their wedding, a summer solstice theme, was incredible, doing away with most of the stringent formalities of most weddings and instead focusing on the love, sharing it with their closest family. They gathered a circle of friends and family to witness the ceremony which was filled with amazing emotion, they day was filled with dancing, games, music, laughter and joy.


Wales Festival Wedding Photographer

Instead of formal speeches they had an open mic in which anyone could say or do anything they wanted. Laurie, the groom and other ready poetry, expressed words of wisdom and one guest even gave a dramatic performance! Laurie was the most expressive and wonderfully emotional Groom I think I’ve ever known, which always makes for wonderful photography!





Freakin’ awesome pictures! I bet they’re so pleased with these 🙂