Fine Art, Natural Wedding Photography

I like to think of what I do as a photographer is a little different to most. I am not what would be called traditional, I focus mainly on the emotion, the environment and the nature of our surroundings my approach to photographing weddings is by using a number of different techniques, styles and approaches.

So how do I make this happen? Firstly I love to use natural light, so you could say I am a ‘natural wedding photographer or perhaps something more apt would be a ‘natural light wedding photographer’ Utilising what light we have, especially in places throughout the Lake District is both a challenge and also a pleasure, why? because it gives us the most dramatic, and beautiful backdrops without the need to artificially create it.

I also like to refer to myself as a fine art wedding photographer, this fine art term is one that is bounded about these days with little insight into what it actually means. For me what it means is to create soulful imagery, once again the Lake District really lends itself to this notion, coupled with dramatic natural light and framing so that it creates an artwork rather than just a snapshot.

Lastly, the most important element is you -the clients, being completely relaxed. I only want the best photographs of you so that it is both a true record of our time in such a wonderful location but also because these images are an honour for me to take. I want you to love the images I give to you for the rest of your lives, to show to your family, your children and to future generations. This is what I importantly refer to as your ‘visual legacy’.

One more aspect that is of real importance is the location. The Lake District  with its glacial ribbon lakes, rugged fell mountains and the picturesque view in South Wales Throughout my career as an alternative wedding photographer in South Wales and the Lake District I have been fortunate to photograph among many locations throughout, each one unique and wonderful. From the eloquence of Silverholme in the Lakes to the rugged mountains and tarns of the most dramatic and unique environments, and incredible solstice weddings in the welsh countryside.