A wonderful ‘cherish the dress’ style shoot with Kelly, we thought we would do a few shots to get to know one another and take advantage of styled type shoot in the autumnal colours in the park close to where we both live. Kelly will be featured again shortly for more images with a lovely guy named Luke, but for now on with the autumnal goodness:



Had so much fun doing this and the outcome is just superb !!! The colours and the scenery look outstanding

Absolutely LOVE the colours in these images Chris!

Janice Irene Bradshaw

only just got to view your pictures KELLY is beautiful the autum looks superb of course your shots have captured some fantastic photos any bride would be more than happy to have taken on such a special day where did you take them? I wish I was there I love the autum colours well done chis.

Great pictures Chris!

Love this!! Can i have a shoot please haha xx

Love the colours in these photos Chris! And of course, love Kelly too! xxx

indeed! such epicness Kelly!


Lost for words, another amazing shoot

These are sensational