Here is a great couple exploring the Lake District to give some inspiration for an outdoor elopements style wedding. This is also a kind of example of how a elopement would go especially for the couples portrait session. Even the rain didn’t stop us having fun! Its er possible in the near future it will be highly likely that it will be very possible to married anywhere in the UK, just like in Scotland so this might be the perfect time to look into it as a real possibility for your own wedding.


Elopement Photographer in the Lake District

Also the UK weather… this is something not to worry about. Really. Why? because it rains here a lot! this is an undeniable fact, however what you might not realise is that rain and inclement weather in general can be a real blessing. Firstly the lighting; it immediately becomes more dramatic than just sunshine or any other kind of weather. In the Lake District, it rains… a lot! Embrace it and enjoy it, it can make all the difference, take a look at the emotion toward the end of the images, all because the heavens opened up! Check out this amazing elopement recently in Scotland for more inspiration!



Supplier credits and thanks:

Clothing for the bride and gro0m from Next, Monsoon and Dorothy Perkins.

Blanket from The Tarten Blanket Co

Flowers FromĀ Bluebell and Ivy in Ulverston

Thanks to Jo Greenfield Photographer for organising the shoot.