Another beautifully sunny day meant it was perfect opportunity for one of my many couples to get a great engagement shoot. Rachel and Richard had some awesome ideas of where they would like theirs, places that were special and had particular meaning to them as a couple. We embarked on a lovely nature walk heading toward the coast and before I knew it my socks and shoes were off and joining in the fun in the warm sea water! I had incredible fun with these adventurous pair, looking forward to seeing them again when they get married later this year at an incredible location, Bartle Hall, a wedding I am more than a little over-excited to photograph!



What a great location for some epic shots! Love!

Ah they’re really great pics!! X

Bewitching Waters

There beautiful photos… some of those would be amazing blown up to… may have to take your number for next year when I get married đŸ™‚

oh my lordy loo one word “STUNNING”.

Clair Anderson- Hughes

WOW! beautiful xx

Very relaxed and warm looking couple you have captured the atmosphere between them really well.

Loving the double exposure at the end – very nicely done!

Thanks! let me know if wish to chat more, i would love to hear about your plans đŸ™‚