What is a Natural Wedding Photographer? ‘Natural’ means so much when I think of it, a relaxed but calming approach to wedding photography. I want you to enjoy every single moment of your wedding with no stress, no fear and no concerns as I want the photographs to reflect the wonderful union of your wedding day. I consider it my joy to make things run as smoothly as possible so I make sure that you don’t worry about the photographs. You can see more of these notions in my style and approach page which gives a great idea of my photography ethos.


Relaxed Wedding Photography Focusing on the Real Moments

Those precious moments on your wedding day, hugs, tears of joy and time with those people that will be a lasting testament to your day…. these are the moments that matter most. I pride myself on being present for these moments and having a deep intuitive notion about when they are to happen, something of a sixth sense! When I say ‘Relaxed Wedding Photography’ what that actually means is that I put you at ease, I make you unaware that I am even there sometimes, which is what allows you to then fully enjoy your day and those precious, irreplaceable moments to happen, naturally.

Natural Documentary Photography with a Cinematic Feel

I take much of my inspiration from films as I am a self confessed film nerd! I love to observe a directors work or a cinematographers approach to evoke emotion. This is surprisingly transferrable in my own work and in your wedding photos. You will feel every image because that emotive nature exudes through every image and it is my goal to always have this present in every image.

Outdoor Nature Elopement Photographer

A lot of my clients choose to have their weddings in outdoor, very natural environments. This is the other term of ‘natural wedding photographer’ in that I love to use the natural environment. This is also true of elopements which I cover in the Lake District and also across the whole UK. Dont worry though I have lots of experience of shooting weddings in the city and in much more urban locations, the mantras to the approach to weddings still applies and you will always get amazing, timeless and natural wedding images no matter the location. Here is a great example of a natural wedding that took place mostly outdoors, it was such a joy to share this day in the stunning Lake District.

For Couples that want to Enjoy their Wedding, Not Pose

I want you to enjoy your day in the fullest sense because wedding days go past so fast! it can be hard to get a minute to yourselves, however it is possible to have a relaxed and natural wedding and I make it my mission to get you both in a place where you feel at ease. This makes for far more natural images which is better for everyone! I love you to explore your surroundings together and then to get these images with the minimum of fuss in a natural way.


Ultimately Life is an Adventure, Your Wedding Photography Should be no Different

Your wedding is the personification of your whole relationship in just one, beautiful day. It is about the that is all about you and the love you natured with your partner being shared with your closest friends and family. To me there is no greater adventure you can embark on. I want your wedding photographs to be as adventurous, exciting and meaningful as the day is itself. If strikes a chord with you and you like the approach I have to wedding and elopement photography then let’s chat about your plans and make some epic wedding photographs together!