Gracie and Ryan chose the awesome Oh Me Oh My┬áin Liverpool for their wedding, one of my favourite venues in the city. They chose Formby beach for their engagement shoot which you can see here. Their day was wonderful! Lots of laughs and wonderful views of the Liverpool waterfall including the Liver buildings from the rooftop garden terrace of the awesome Oh Me Oh My. This venue used to be known as the ‘Secret Space’ but since renamed and boy is this place special!


Liverpool Wedding Photographer

I love being a Liverpool wedding photographer, living close to the city centre means I visit Liverpool a great deal, it is a place that even after almost 25 years of visiting, still makes me excited to go. Liverpool is a wonderful city for a wedding, it has incredible people, stunning city vistas and in my humble option, some great shops! I have been visiting Liverpool most of my life, I even learnt photography here in college and university so it holds a very special place in my heart. Check out their amazing wedding day.