Privacy Policy & GDPR


I only process data in relation to enquiries and booking conversations with clients. The processes and systems I have in place are designed with your privacy in mind. Each client of mine has the right to know where their photographs are used and also how they get used as well as the same right to know where they are stored, how long they are stored and what happens to them after you have received your photograph files.


These photographs are copied to 4 separate hard drives protection during the editing and processing period. Both kept in two separate locations in case of fire or theft. Once edited, images will be uploaded to zen folio for your viewing and also download via an online password protected process that is only accessible with a unique password. Two further copies of of all edited images will be transferred to your USB stick in both a high resolution folder and a web resolution folder (for easier uploading to social media should you chose to do that) and securely posted to you.  All SD cards from the cameras will be cleared after the images have been transferred to the external hard drives after your wedding day.


Initial enquiries from my website do not hold any personal information other than names, date of the wedding and venue information/location. Booking forms are completed on paper, one copy is electronically issued to the client for filling out, scanning and sending back either electronically or printed physically and posted. Basic information is transferred into client management software (CMS) and booking forms are kept until the photographs have been delivered to the client however no data is stored electronically for marketing purposes. I then send a completed contract back once filled in by both parties with all relevant information about the wedding and contact information electronically via email.


During your wedding or elopement, I will aim to get photos of all of your guests in attendance. During the main family and friends photos, I will work on the assumption that everyone is happy for me to photograph them. I work on the basis of ‘assumed consent’ for documentary coverage when it comes to others such as evening reception guests, if they are unhappy being in your photos then they just need to get in touch and let me know and I will of course remove those that have this wish.