After some recent wedding covered this year by myself I came to the realisation at these momentous occasions that the people I was photographing were the most laid back, fun and wonderful people. The stresses leading up to the wedding just melted away as the day began to unfold.



These weddings are the most incredible weddings to be a part of.
After months and months of planning, right down to the little details, what things go where and what will happen and when and so on, it all ends the same way –with laughter, joy, elation and relief.



When the happy couple let go, everyone else there lets go too. Everything then becomes a wonderful, relaxed and joyous time and because of this, when they let go they’ll really hug their guests, they’ll really laugh and smile and celebrate and they’ll stop worrying about all those things that don’t matter.



The images then lend themselves to being of that atmosphere, those emotive moments that cannot created artificially, these are genuine un-staged photographic gold. This is what makes me excited and proud to be a contemporary wedding photographer, capturing those moments that will be looked upon and bring back those emotions, sights, sounds and smells of the celebrations, that’s when real, true memories and joy really occur.



So please, brides and grooms, keep calm and keep in your minds that this is going to be the greatest day of your lives and to savour and enjoy every moment of it! I will be there capturing every moment with you.