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In capturing your ‘visual legacy’ as a fine art wedding photographer I adopt the elements of what can be described as ‘creative art’ or ‘visual art’. Having a background in film photography I find it has transposed over well into digital. Being able to utilise this means i love to produce photographs that are works of art. It is because of this element that my approach is about than just photographing weddings as a record, but also as something that can be viewed on a much higher level.

Weddings in South Wales really lend themselves to this ideal. If you want images that are full of soul, exuding artistic flair then I can think of few other locations that offer this. From the idyllic seaside vistas of The Mumbles to the almost regal Nanteos Mansion and Brecon Beacons with it’s many manor houses, South Wales is a place I love to call my ‘second home’

Brecon, Cardiff, The Mumbles, Wedding Photographer

South Wales has some of the most diverse and interesting wedding venues I have ever seen. Places filled with natural beauty, country mansions and houses in vast estates and lighthouses with epic views of the ocean. There have been Festival wedding in the Summer Solstice in the middle of amazing mountains views. Similarly I loved the wedding of Hana and Anders Dewsall Court which was a wedding that brought together english and Sweedish sensibilities to make a stunning wedding. Some other notable locations are Rosedew Farm which is a beautiful location very close to the coast and of course USK Castle which was a total highlight and joy to be a wedding photographer at.

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I was honoured to be awarded a very prestigious award from the British Institute of Professional Photography for my work recently and makes me proud that I can provide my services to the entire South Wales region. If you are planning a wedding or elopement in the Lake District or Cumbria region, please get in touch using my contact page, I would love to talk with you about your plans!